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Mes disques



AïzellConcerning Monospaces (2003)

A, DominiqueAuguri (2001)En solo aux Bouffes du Nord (2004)L'Horizon (2006)La Fossette (1992)La Mémoire Neuve (1995)La Musique (2009)Remué (1999)Si je Connais Harry (1993)Sur Nos Forces Motrices (2007)Tout sera comme avant (2004)

AaRONArtificial Animals Riding On Neverland (2006)

AbbaGreatest Hits (1992)

Abyssinians (the)Declaration Of Dub (1996)Forward on to Zion (1977)Live in San Francisco (2002)Satta Dub (1998)Satta Massagana (0000)The best of (0000)

Agitation FreeMalesch (0000)

Air10.000 HZ Legend (2001)Everybody Hertz (2002)Love 2 (2009)Moon Safari (1998)Pocket Symphony. (2007)Premier Symptômes (1997)Talkie Walkie (2004)The Virgin Suicide (1999)

Alcapone, Dennis& Jah Loyd - The good old days of the 70s (0000)

Allen, Daevid& Euterpe - Obscura No.1 Studio Rehearsal Tapes (1977)

Alpha & OmegaSound System Dub (0000)

Alternative Novo DubVolume 1 (0000)Volume 2 (0000)

Amadou & MariamLive aux Transmusicales de Rennes (2002)

Amadou et Mariam

Amon D¨¨l IICarnival In Babylon (1972)Live In London (0000)Phallus Dei (0000)Tanz der Lemminge (1971)Vive La Trance (0000)Wolf City (0000)Yeti (0000)

Amon DüülPsychedelic Underground (0000)

Amon TobinOut from Out where (2002)Supermodified (0000)

Anderson, Ian

Andersson, Karin DreijerFever Day (2009)

Andy, HoraceGood Vibes (0000)In the Lights (0000)In the Lights Dub (0000)Skylarking (0000)

AngeAu delà du délire (0000)Emile Jacotey (0000)Le Cimetière des Arlequins (0000)Par les Fils de Mandrin (0000)Tome VI (0000)

AngipatchVie (1981)

AntietamMusic from Elba (1986)

Ar Re YaouankFest-Noz Still Alive (0000)

Arab StrapElephant Shoe (0000)Philosophia (0000)

Arabs (the)Grytuff Dub (0000)

ArchiveAgain (0000)Controlling Crowds (2009)Lights (2006)Live 71 Inter (0000)Londinium (0000)Michel Vaillant (0000)Michel Vaillant BO (0000)Noise (0000)Numb (0000)Take my head (0000)The Absurd EP (0000)Unplugged (0000)You all look the same to me (0000)

Ardisson, BéatriceLa musique de Paris Dernire 1 (0000)La musique de Paris Dernire 2 (0000)La musique de Paris Dernire 3 (0000)

Ash RaBlackouts (0000)New Age Of Earth (0000)

Ash Ra Tempel1er album (0000)Gin Ros (0000)Inventions for electric Guitar (0000)Join Inn (0000)Le Berceau de Cristal (0000)Privates Tapes (0000)Privates Tapes 1 (0000)Privates Tapes 2 (0000)Privates Tapes 4 (0000)Privates Tapes 5 (0000)Privates Tapes 6 (0000)Schwingungen (0000)Seven Up (0000)Starring Rosi (0000)

Asian dub FoundationCommunity Music (2000)Conscious Party (1998)Fatcs and Fictions (1995)Live (0000)RAFI (1997)

AswadA new Chapter of Dub (0000)

Aubry, RenéAprs la pluie (1993)La rvolte des enfants (1991)Libre parcours (1988)Ne m'oublie pas (1995)Plaisirs d'amour (1998)Steppe (1996)

Audio ActiveApollo Choco (0000)Tokyo Space Cowboys (0000)

Axelrod, DavidSong of Innocence (1968)

Aznavour, Charles20 chansons d'or (0000)

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B-52' SBest Of (1990)Comic Strip (0000)

Bach, J. S.Missae BWV 233 & 236 (0000)

Badalamenti, AngeloTwin Peaks (1992)

Baez, Joan5 (0000)Farewell angelina (1965)Greatest Hits (0000)In concert Part. 1 (0000)It ain't me babe (0000)Volume 2 (0000)

Banton, Buju'Till Shiloh (0000)

BarbaraMaster Série Vol. 1 (1985)

BauhausBurning From The Inside (1983)The Sky's Gone Out (1982)Volume One (1986)Volume Two (1986)

Bazbaz, CamilleSur le boutde la langue (2005)

Beastie BoysCheck Your Head (0000)Hello Nasty (0000)Ill Communication (0000)In the Sound (0000)Licensed to Ill (0000)Paul's Boutique (1989)Some Old Bullshit (0000)

Beatles (the)A hard day's night (0000)Album Blanc (0000)Album bleu (0000)Help ! (0000)Past masters (1988)Rubber Soul (0000)Sergent Pepper's (0000)Yellow Submarine (0000)

BeckA Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (0000)Mellow Gold (0000)Mutations (0000)One Foot in the Grave (0000)Sea Change (0000)The Information (2006)

Biermann, WolfSsses Leben, Saures Leben (0000)

Birdy Nam NamLive (2006)

BjörkDebut (0000)Gling-Glo (0000)Homogenic (0000)Live (0000)Post (0000)Telegram (0000)Vespertine (0000)Violently Happy + ? (0000)

Black Huru (0000)

Black SabbathBlack Sabbath (1970)Master of Reality (1971)Paranoïd (1970)Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)Sabotage (1975)Vol 4 (1972)

Black SlateMeets Soul Syndicate - Moodie In Dub (0000)Ogima (0000)Six Plus One (0000)

BourvilDu Rire aux Larmes (1990)

Bowie, DavidBowie at the Beeb (1968)Changesbowie (0000)The Singles Collection (1993)Ziggy Stardust (1972)Ziggy Stardust Mix (2002)

Brain DamageAlways greener (on the other side) (0000)Burning Before Sunset (2010)Combat Dub II (0000)Dub to Dub - Ashes to Ashes (0000)

Brassens, Georges1-La mauvaise rputation (0000)10-Chansons de sa jeunesse (0000)2-Auprs de mon arbre (0000)3-Le pornographe (0000)4-Les copains d'avant (0000)5-Supplique pour tre enterr (0000)6-La non demande en mariage (0000)7-Mourir pour des ides (0000)8-Tempte dans un bnitier (0000)9-Live in Great-Britain (0000)La mauvaise rputation (0000)

BratschSDF (0000)

Breeders (the)Last Spash (0000)

Bregovic, Goranle Temps des Gitans (0000)Underground (0000)

Breut, Franoiz (0000)Une Saison Vole (0000)Vingt trente mille jours (0000)

Broggs, PeterJah Golden Throne (0000)

Brown, JamesBest of (0000)

Bruits de la natureMusic of Wind (0000)Rainforest (0000)The surf (0000)Thuderstorm in the Wilderness (0000)

Buckley, JeffGrace (0000)Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk (0000)

Buffalo Springfield (0000)Last time around (0000)

Burning Spear (0000)Dry & Heavy (1977)Marcus Garvey (0000)

Bush ChemistCompil (0000)Dub Fire Blazing (0000)Dub Outernational (0000)Light Up Your Chalice (0000)Light up your Spliff (1996)Meets the Dub Organiser - Dub Convention (0000)

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Cabaret VoltaireThree Mantras (1980)

CalexicoThe Black Light (0000)

Campbell, CornellI Shall Not Remove (1975)

CanCannibalism Volume 1 (0000)Cannibalism Volume 2 (0000)Delay 1968 (0000)Ege Bamyasi (0000)Future Days (0000)Landed (1975)Sacrilges (0000)Saw Delight (0000)Soundtracks (0000)Tago-Maggo (0000)

CaravanIn the land of grey and pink (0000)

Cash, JohnnyBest Of (0000)

Cat Power (0000)Moon Pix (0000)What Would the Community Think (0000)

Cat Stevensthe Very Best of (0000)

Cave, NickHenry's Dream (1992)Let Love In (1994)Live Seeds (1993)The Best Of (1998)The Good Son (1990)

Chants GregoriensGregorian Chants (0000)Immortel Gregorien (0000)

Charden, EricAlbator 78 (1978)

Chemical Brother (the)Dig your Own Hole (1997)Surrender (1999)

Cissoko, DjelimoussaMali Kora (0000)

Clannad2 (1975)

ClonesSafety Copy (0000)

Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas (0000)Milk & Kisses (1995)The Pink Opaque (0000)

Cohen, LeonardDeath of a ladie's man (1977)Greatest Hits (0000)I'm your fan (0000)I'm your man (1988)New Skin for the Old Ceremony (1974)Songs from a room (1969)Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967)Songs of love and hate (1971)the Future (1992)Various Positions (1984)

Cole, Nat KingLas Canciones des Oro en Espanol (0000)

Collins, Phil? But seriously (0000)

Comelade, PascalDanses et chants de Sylvadie (0000)El Cabaret Galactic (0000)Haikus de Piano (0000)Oblique Sessions (0000)Raggazzin' the Blues (0000)Swing Slang Song (0000)Traffic d'abstraction (0000)

Compilation1 (0000)1 (0000)2 (0000)A New Breed of Dub Issue Two (2000)A tribute to Neil Young (0000)Breaking the Waves (2000)Chat Noir, Chat Blanc (1998)Cumbia Cumbia (0000)Digitalic Park - Vol.3 (0000)Dirty Dancing (1987)Djdjeridoo et percussions d'Afrique (0000)Drum & Bass 1 (1997)Drum & Bass 2 (1997)Drum & Bass 3 (1997)Easy Rider (0000)Faces Z (0000)Fairy Voices (0000)Hair (0000)Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Vol. 1 (0000)Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Vol. 2 (0000)In the mood for love (0000)Interview avec un Vampire (0000)Jah Stitch (0000)Jamaca Story 2 (0000)Jamaca Story 3 (0000)Jamaca Story 4 (0000)James Bond (0000)James Bond themes (0000)Knowledege (0000)Le Petit Prince (0000)Les Ailes du Désir (1986)Les Ailes du Dsir (0000)Musiques du brsil (0000)New Age Music Vol. 1 (0000)Original Bass Culture (0000)Parfums d'orient (0000)Rap (0000)Sourcelab (0000)Studio One Roots (2001)Trainspotting (0000)Tubes Dance (0000)Twin Peaks (0000)Until the end of the World (1991)Volume 1 (0000)X-Ray Music (0000)

Conte, Paolo900 (0000)Aquaplano (0000)Concerti (0000)Parole d'Amore scritta a macchina (0000)Une faccia in Prestito (0000)

Créatures des AbyssesCréatures des Abysses (1997)

Cranberries (The)No Need to Argue (1994)

Creedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo's Factory (1970)

Crooklyn Dub ConsortiumCertified Dope vol. 1 (0000)

Crosby, Stills, Nash (0000)4 way street (1973)Looking forward (0000)Teach your children (0000)

CultureGood Things (0000)

Culture FreemanMeets Bush Chemists - Conqueror (0000)

Cure (the)Blood Flowers (0000)Inbetween Days (0000)Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me (0000)Live (0000)Pornography (0000)Seventeen Seconds (1980)Staring at the Sea- the Singles (0000)Three Imaginary Boys (0000)

CybertranceCybertrance (0000)

Cypress HillBlack Sunday (0000)I (0000)IV (0000)Los Grandes Existos en Espagnol (0000)Skull & Bones (0000)

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Daft PunkAlive 2007 (2007)Homework (1996)Human After All (2005)

Daho, EtienneLive ed (0000)

Dancing SpiritNative American Song (0000)

Davis, MilesBitches Brew (0000)

Day OneOrdinary Man (2000)

De Crecy, EtienneSuper Discount (1997)

Dead Can DanceA Passage in Time (1991)Aïon (1990)Dead Can Dance (1984)Exit to Eden (1994)Into the Labyrinth (1993)Live (0000)Sambatiki (1996)Spiritchaser (1996)Spleen and Ideal (1985)Summoning of the Muse - A Tribute to (2007)The Serpent's Egg (1988)Toward the Within (1994)Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (1987)

Death in VegasSatan's Circus (0000)Scorpio Rising (0000)the Contino Sessions (0000)

Dee Nastyle Diamant est ternel (0000)

Deep PurpleBurn (1974)Deepest purple (1980)In the Rock (1970)Machine Head (1972)Made in Japan (1972)The Book of Taliesyn (1969)

Depeche ModeExciter (0000)Ultra (0000)Violator (1990)

Dexys midnight runnersToo-Rye-Ay (0000)

Diabate, ToumaniDjelika (0000)In the Heart of the Moon (0000)

Diabologum#3 (0000)C'tait un Lundi aprs-midi (0000)Le Got du Jour (0000)

Dibenn (0000)

DionysosEnsemble Instrumental (0000)Happening Song (0000)Independant Music (0000)The Sun Is Blue Like The Eggs In Winter (1998)Western sous la neige (0000)

DJ CamSubtances (0000)

DJ KrushMeiso (0000)Milight (0000)

DodoThe Android's Dream (0000)

Dolly & CoAmours lynches (0000)

Don CarlosPlantation (0000)

DonovanSunshine Superman (0000)Troubadour 1 (0000)Troubadour 2 (0000)

Doors (the)LA Woman (0000)Morisson Hotel (0000)Soft Parade (0000)Strange Days (0000)the Doors (0000)Waiting for the Sun (0000)

DragonflyA Voyage into Trance (0000)

Dub Specialist17 Dub Shots From Studio One (0000)

Dub TrilogyA History of Dub (0000)

Dub WiserA New Millenium Of Dub (0000)Chapter II - Tribute to remix (0000)

DubzoneCompilation 1 (0000)Volume 2 (0000)

Dylan, BobDesire (1976)Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)

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Easy Star All StarsDub Side of the Moon (0000)

Ebrel, AnnieVoulouz Loar (0000)

Eek a mouseAssassinator (1983)Eeksperience (2001)Live At Reggae Sunsplash (1983)Mouseketeer (1984)Skidip ! (1982)Wa-Do-Dem (1981)

EelsBeatiful freak (0000)Electro-Shock Blues (0000)

Ekdahl, LisaSings Salvadore Poe (0000)

Elfman, DannyEdward Scissorhands (0000)Etrange Nol de Mr. Jack (0000)

Elles (les)Deuxième Album (1997)Premier Album (1995)

Elliot, MissyUnder construction (0000)

Enfants des autres (les)Graines et Bulbes (0000)

Ewen, PatrickVers l'extrme nord du monde (0000)

Ez3kielBattelfield (2008)

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Fat Boy SlimYou've come a long way, baby (1998)

Fela Ransome KutiExpensive Shit / He Miss Road (0000)Open & Close (0000)Zombie (1977)

Field MiceCoastal (0000)For Keeps (1991)

Fields, ElysianQueen of the Meadow (0000)

Fisherspooner#1 (2003)

Floh de CologneLucky Streik (1973)

Frères CoenO' Brother Where Art Thou ? (2000)

Frames (the)Another love song (0000)

Franz FerdinandBlack Session (0000)Darts of Pleasure (0000)Flipsides (B-Sides & Remixes) (0000)Franz Ferdinand (0000)Live from Paradiso (0000)Tonight (2009)

Fred PouletMilan Athletic Club (0000)

FSOLLifeforms (0000)

Future Sound of London (The)Lifeforms (1994)

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Gabriel, PeterBirdy (0000)

Gainsbourg, Charlotte5.55 (0000)IRM (2009)

Gainsbourg, sergeAux armes et caetera (0000)Comic Strip (1996)Histoire de Melody Nelson (1971)Live au Palace (1979)Love on the Beat (0000)Mauvaises nouvelles des toiles (0000)Rock Around the Bunker (1975)Volume 1 (1959)Volume 2 (1962)Volume 3 (1963)Volume 4 (1966)Volume 5 (0000)Volume 6 (0000)Volume 7 (0000)Volume 8 (0000)Volume 9 (0000)

Gallager, RoryAgainst the grain (0000)Irish Tour (0000)

Garçons Bouchers (les)la Saga (0000)

Gato NegroBlack Cat Dub (0000)

General ElectricsCliquety Kliqk (2003)

GenesisFoxtrot (1972)Nursery Crime (1971)Selling england by the pound (1973)the Lamb Lies Down (0000)Treepass (1970)

Gerrad, LisaDuality (0000)the Mirror Pool (1995)The Silver Tree (2007)

Gibbons, Beth & Rustin' manOut of Season (0000)

Gladiators (the)Back to Roots (0000)Dreadlocks the Time is Now (1990)Sold Out (0000)

GoldorakGoldorack (1978)

Golightly, HollySingles Round-up (0000)Slowly but surely (0000)Truly She Is None Other (0000)

GongAngel's Egg (1973)Camenbert Eclectique (1970)Camenbert Electrique (1971)Continental Circus (0000)Continental Circus (1972)Flying Teapot (1973)Live at Sheffield (1974)Live au Bataclan (1973)Live etc. (1977)Shamal (1975)You (1974)

Goraguer, AlainLa plante sauvage (1973)

Gorecki, HenrySymphonie N3 (1992)

Grall, XavierL'inconnu me dvore (0000)

Grand Popo Football ClubShampoo Victims (2002)

Grant Lee BuffaloFuzzy (0000)

Grateful DeadLive/Dead (0000)

Green, BrunoNos Quatre Vérités (2009)

GrobschnittGrobschnitt (1972)

GroundationDragon War (0000)We Free Again (2004)

GuemDanse (0000)Musique de transe (0000)

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Häendel, Georg FriedrichMaria (0000)Messiah, sacred Oratario (0000)

Harper, BenFight for your mind (1995)Live (1997)The Will to Live (1997)Welcome to The Cruel World (1993)

Harriott, DerrickRiding the Roots Chariot (1998)

Harris, EmmylouBest (0000)Duets (0000)Quarter moon in a ten cent town (0000)Red dirt girl (0000)Wrecking Ball (0000)

Harvey, MickIntoxiced Man (0000)Pink Elepahnts (0000)

Haydn, Franz JosephTrio N 3234 (0000)

Head, MurraySay it aint so Joe (0000)Voices (0000)

Hedayat, DashiellObsolete (1971)

HeldonStand By (0000)

HelmetBiscuits for Smut (0000)

Hendrix, JimiA Band of Gypsys (1970)Are You Experienced (1967)At Woodstock (0000)Axis : Bold as love (1967)Blues (1994)Electric Ladyland (0000)Jimi Hendrix Experience (0000)Live in New-York (0000)Midnight lightning (1975)Radio One (1967)

Henry, PierreMesse pour le temps prsent (1967)

Hersh, KristinHips and Makers (1994)Strange Angels (1998)

Higelin, JacquesCrabouif (1971)

High ToneAcid Dub Nuclek (2002)Bass Temprature (2001)Highvisators (2004)Kaltone (2003)Lenteur (0000)Live (2003)Low Tone (1999)Opus Incertum (2000)Re-Processed #1 (2006)Underground Wobble (2007)Wangtone (2005)Wave Digger (2005)Zentone (2006)

Hilight TribeStellar rain (0000)

Hillage, SteeveFish Rising (1975)

Hoffman, LaurenMeggido (1997)

HoleCelebrity skin (1998)Live throught this (1994)Pretty on the inside (1991)

Hope Sandoval & the Warm IventionsBavarian fruit bread (0000)

Horner, JamesBraveheart (0000)Willow (1988)

Hurlements d'léo (les)le Caf des jours heureux (1998)

Hydroponics in dubLet the sun shine (2000)

Hypnotic Trance (0000)Vol 1 (1994)

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I JahHaile I Hymn (1978)

Impact All-StarsForward the Bass : Dub at Randy's (1972)

Improvisators DubHybride (1998)Live act outernational (0000)Meets the Disciple - Dub & Mixture (2000)Novamix (2002)Rrummmbz (2006)Super Vocal & Dub Session (2002)W.I.C.K.E.D. (2005)

Indigo GirlsSwamp Ophelia (1994)

Indochine3 (1985)

Inner CircleHeavyweight Dub - Killer Dub (0000)

Isaacs, GregoryNight Nurse (1982)Warning (0000)

Isaak, chrisWicked Game (1991)

Israel VibrationDub the Rock (1995)Dub Vibration (1990)

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Jah Acid DubNew Land Dub (0000)

Jah LloydThe Humble One (0000)

Jah ShakkaDub Salute Vol. 5 (0000)Meets Mad Professor (0000)

Jah WarriorWarrior Style (0000)

Jamaux, XavierTokyo Eyes (1998)

JamesGold Mother (0000)Seven (0000)


Jarre, jean-michelChamps Magntiques (1981)Equinoxe (1978)Oxygne (0000)Rendez-Vous (0000)Zoolook (1985)

Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow (1967)

JMPZCyclothymique (0000)

Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionNow I Got Worry (1996)

Jones, TomGreatest Hits (2003)

Joplin, JanisBig Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills (1968)Volume 1 (0000)Volume 2 (0000)Volume 3 (0000)

Joy DivisonHeart and Soul 1 (0000)Heart and Soul 2 (0000)Heart and Soul 3 (0000)Heart and Soul 4 (0000)

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Kaly Live Dub1.4 (0000)3 Maximaloverdubs (0000)Electric kool aid (2001)Encouter Maxi Drumix Two (0000)Hydrophonics (0000)Orange Dub (0000)

Kanno, YoshihiroFour seasons in resonance (0000)

Katerine& Elena - Euro 04 (2004)

Kid, AlexCaracol (2006)

Kilar, WojciechDracula (0000)

Kin Ping MehEvery Day (1971)Everything's my way (1970)Kin Ping Meh (1972)

King CrimsonIn the Court of King Crimson (1969)In the Wake of Posdon (1970)Lark's Tongue in Aspic (1973)Lizard (1970)

King Tubby& Glen Brown - Termination Dub (0000)Dub from the Roots (0000)Dub Gone Crazy (1975)Dub Gone Crazy 2 (1975)Dub Like Dirt (0000)Freedoms Sounds in Dub (1976)In the Mix (0000)Meets Roots Radics - Dangerous Dub (1981)Original King Key Dub (1979)Special 1973-1976 (1973)The Fatman Tapes (1975)

KodoBest Of (1994)Blessing of the Earth (1989)

KraftwerkAutobahn (0000)Computer World (0000)Concert Classic (0000)Kraftwerk I (0000)Live in Buenos Aires (0000)Radio-Activity (0000)Ralf & Florian (0000)the Man Machine (0000)Trans-Europe-Express (0000)

Kubrick, Stanley2001 a Space Odyssey (0000)Barry Lyndon (0000)

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L'Œuf Raide13 la douzaine (0000)

La ReverdieO tu chara sciena (1994)

La's (the)The La's (0000)

Lab°Taffy (0000)

Lali PunaFaking the Book (0000)Left Handed (0000)Scary World Theory (0000)Tridecoder (0000)

Lars Von TrierBreaking the Waves (1996)

Lavelle, CarolineA Distant Bell (2004)

Le Goff, AlainContes et chansons de Bretagne (0000)

Led ZeppelinI (1969)II (1969)III (1970)IV (1971)Live (0000)the Song Remain the Same (1976)

LeftfieldLeftism (0000)Rythm & Stealth (0000)

Lennon, JohnBest of (0000)

LevellersLevellers (1993)Levelling the Land (1991)

Levy, BarringtonIn Dub (0000)Teach Me Culture (1983)

LhasaLa llorona (0000)

Linton Kwesi JohnsonBass Culture (0000)Dread Beat and Blood (0000)Forces of Victory (0000)LKJ in Dub (0000)

Lo, Ismaël (0000)

Lou ReedWalk on the wild side (0000)

LoveForever Changes (0000)

Ludwig Von 8817 plombs pour péter les tubes (1994)Houlala (1986)Houlala II- La mission (1987)

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MQui De Nous Deux (0000)

MézuesColporteur (0000)

Mac Cartney, PaulOff the ground (0000)

Macka BBuppie Culture (0000)Hold on to your culture (0000)Roots and culture (0000)

Mad ProfessorDub me Crazy (1982)Dub Me Crazy Part 4 (Escape To The Asylum Of Dub) (1983)Dub Me Crazy Part 5 (Who Knows The Secret Of The Master Tape?) (1985)Dub them silly inna firehouse (1998)Evolution Of Dub: Black Liberation Dub Chapter 3 (1996)Meets Dark Fantom Featuring Sly & Robbie ‎– The Next Revolution Will Be Dub Wise (2004)No Protection (1995)

Mad'dene, ChristopheDidgeridoo And African Percussion Instruments - Spirit Of The Wildman (0000)

MadnessAbsolutely (0000)One Step Beyond (1979)

MagmaAttahk (0000)Concert Bruxelles 1971 (1971)Kobaa (0000)Kompila (0000)MDK Instrumental (0000)Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (1973)Retrospetw 1 et 2 (0000)d wd (0000)Wurdah tah (0000)

Malherbe, didierZeff (0000)

MalicorneEn public (0000)Hexagone (1977)Pierre de Grenoble (0000)

Mano NegraBande Originale du Livre (0000)Casa Babylon (0000)Holland 1990 (0000)Illegal (0000)In the Hell of Patchinko (0000)King of Bongo (0000)Patchanka (0000)Puta's Fever (0000)

Manset, GérardLong Long Chemin (0000)

Manu ChaoClandestino (1998)Proxima Estacion Esperanza (0000)Radio Remba Sound System (0000)

ManutensionDub attacks the techvol.1 (0000)

Marley, BobBurnin' (0000)Catch a Fire (0000)Exodus (0000)Kaya (0000)Live (0000)Natty Dread (0000)Uprising (0000)

Massilia Sound System3968 CR 13 (0000)Commando Fada (0000)Marseille London Experience (0000)

Massive Attack100 th Window (2003)Blue Lines (1991)Inertia Creeps (0000)Mezzanine (1998)Protection (1994)Protection with tracey Horn (0000)Sly (0000)

Matching Mole (the)Little Red Record (1972)Matching Mole (1972)

Mazarunithe Jungle dub experience (0000)

Mazzy StarAmong my Swan (0000)She Hangs Brightly (0000)So tonight that I might see (0000)

Mc Gowan, ShaneThe Snake (0000)

MC5Kick out the Jam (0000)

McKennit, LoreenaElemental (0000)Live in Paris & Toronto (0000)Parallel dreams (0000)The Book of secrets (0000)the Mask and Mirror (0000)The Visit (0000)to Drive the Cold Winter (0000)

MecanoAutoportrait (1982)Retitled (1983)

Mellencamp, JohnHuman wheels (0000)

Mertens, WimA Man of No Fortune and with a Name to Come (0000)Retrospectives Volume 1 (0000)Shot & Echo (0000)Stratgie de la Rupture (0000)

Miller, JacobMeets Fatman Riddim Section (0000)

Minimal CompactDeadly Weapons (0000)Lowlands Flight (0000)One + One By One (0000)Raging Soul (0000)

MinistryGreatest Fits (2001)

MiossecA prendre (0000)Boire (1995)Brule (0000)

Miss KittinRadio Caroline (0000)

Mittoo, Jackie& Winston Wright - Plays Hits From Studio One And More (0000)Plays Hits From Studio One (0000)The Keyboard King at Studio One (0000)

Moby18 (0000)Play (1999)Play (B Sides) (0000)

MogwaïCome on Die Young (0000)Kicking a dead pig (0000)Young Team (0000)

Monsieur OrangeBamboula Apache (2005)Glurp (2000)Papillon (2002)

MoondogThe German Years (1977)

MorcheebaBack to Mine (0000)Big Calm (0000)Charango (0000)Who can you trust ? (0000)

MorganBorn of the sea (0000)

Morissette, Alanis (0000)

Moroder, GorgioMidnight Express (1978)

MorphineThursday (0000)

Morricone, EnnioEt pour quelques dollars de plus (0000)Il tat une Fois dans l'Ouest (0000)Le Bon, la brute et le Truand (1967)

MorrisseyYour arsenal (0000)

Morvell UnlimitedMeet King Tubby's dub me (1997)

MozartRequiem (0000)Symphonies Nos. 21 - 25 (Krips, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) (0000)

Mr. OizoFlat Beat (0000)Worms Attack (0000)

Mukta (0000)

Mystic Revelation of RastafaraïGrounation (1973)

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Namas PamosLipomgalie (1999)

NirvanaNevermind (0000)

Noir Désir666.667 Club (0000)Des visages des figures (2001)Dies Irae (0000)Du ciment sous les plaines (0000)En Public (0000)En Route pour La Joie (0000)Où Veux-Tu Qu'Je R'garde (1987)One Trip One Noise (1998)Tostaky (1992)Veuillez Rendre L'Âme (À Qui Elle Appartient) (1988)

Nouvelle VagueBande a Part (2006)Couleurs de Paris (2010)Nouvelle Vague (2004)

Now It's OverheadFall Back Open (0000)

NTMParis sous les Bombes (0000)Suprme (0000)

Nuttea, DaddyRetour aux sources (0000)

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O'Connor, SinéadThrow Down Your Arms (2005)

OasisWhat's the story morning glory (0000)

Oldfield, MikeDiscovery (1984)Five miles out (1982)Hergest Ridge (1974)Incantations (1978)Platinum (1979)The Killing Fields (1984)Tubular Bells (1973)Tubular Bells II (1992)

OlyveLa Founta (1999)

Orbison, RoyOnly the lovely (0000)

Orchestre National de BarbèsEn concert (0000)Poulina (0000)

Osborne, JoanRelish (0000)

Otter, Anne Sofie VonMusica Antiqua Köln (1994)

Ours du Scorff (les) (0000)

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Pablo, augustusmeets King Tubby in Roots Vibes (1980)

PavementCroked rain croked rain (0000)Terror twilight (0000)

PeachesFatherfucker (0000)Theaches of Peaches (0000)

Pearl JamVitalogy (0000)

Pergolesi, giovanni battistaLa serva padrona (0000)Stabat Mater (0000)

Perry, BrendanEye of the Hunter (0000)

Perry, Lee& King Tubby in Dub Confrontation (0000)Black Ark Experryments (1995)Blark Ark in Dub (1991)Experryments at the Grass Roots of Dub (0000)Open the Gates (0000)Reel Dub Shepherd (0000)Revolution Dub (1975)Super Ape inna Jungle (0000)Voodooism (0000)

Pierpoljak (0000)

Pink FloydA Saucerful of Secrets (0000)Atom Heart Mother (1970)Dark Side of the Moon (1973)Live at Pompe (0000)Meddle (0000)More (0000)Obscured by Clouds (0000)the Early Singles (0000)the Piper at the Gates of Dawn (0000)the Wall (0000)Ummagumma (1969)Wish you Were Here (0000)

Pires (les)En Piste (0000)Premier album (1992)Sava (1995)

PixiesBossanova (0000)Complete 'B' Sides (0000)Death to the Pixies (0000)Doolittle (0000)Pixies at the BBC (0000)Subbacultcha (0000)Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim (0000)Timeless Stars (0000)Trompe le Monde (0000)

PJ HarveyDry (0000)Is this Desire? (0000)Rid of Me (0000)Stories from the City (0000)To Bring you my Love (0000)

Pogues (the)If I should fall from grace with God (1987)Peace and love (0000)

Poledouris, BasileConan the Barbarian (0000)

Polnareff, MichelLive at the Roxy (0000)

Pop, IggyAmerican caeser (0000)Lust for life (0000)Pop songs (0000)

Porridgethe Collector (0000)

PortisheadDummy (0000)Glory Times (0000)Portishead (0000)Roseland NYC Live (0000)Third (2008)

Pressure DropElusive (1997)

Prince AllaOnly love can conquer (0000)

Prince Far IAnd the Arabs - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter III (1996)And the Arabs - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV (0000)Dub to Africa- & the Arabs (0000)Dubwise (1991)Free For Sin (1979)Jamaican Heroes (1980)Psamls For (0000)Under Heavy Manner (1977)Voice of thunder (0000)

Prodigy (the)Experience (1992)Experience Expanded (2001)Music for the Jilted Generation (1994)the Fat of the Land (1997)

PropellerheadsDecksanddrumsandrockandroll (1998)

Public Image LimitedLive in Tokyo (0000)

Purcell, HenryBirthday Odes for Queen Mary (0000)Music for a while / O solitude (0000)

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Quaye, FinleyMaverick a Strike (1997)

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RadioheadOK Computer (0000)

Rage against the MachineRage against the Machine (1992)USA 93 (1993)

Rageous GratoonsMali covecinja (0000)


Red CardellDouleur (1996)Rouge (1993)

Red Hot Chili PeppersWhat hits? (0000)

Redding, OtisRemember me (0000)

REMAutomatic for the People (0000)In Time : Best Of - Bonus CD (0000)In Time : The best Of (0000)New adventures in Hi-Fi (0000)Out of time (0000)Unplugged (0000)

RenaudMarche l'Ombre (0000)

Revolutionary Dub WarriorsMeet Mad Professor - Dub Fusion (0000)

Ribeiro, catherine + AlpesAme Debout (1971)La Déboussole (1980)Le Rat Débile et l'Homme des Champs (1974)Paix (1972)

RicoOn s'la Donne (0000)

RideCarnival of Light (0000)Going blank againg (0000)

Rodriguez , RicoRoots to the bone (0000)you must be crazy (0000)

Rolling Stones (the)Between the buttons (0000)December children (0000)Goatshead's soup (0000)Out of our heads (0000)Volume 1 (0000)Volume 2 (0000)

Romeo, MaxOpen the Iron Gate (0000)War inna Babylon (0000)

RoudoudouTout l'Univers Listener's Digest (0000)

Roxy MusicAvalon (0000)For your Pleasure (0000)

Ruda Salka (la)Le Prix du Silence (0000)

Rupununi SafariSteaming Jungle (0000)

RZAGhost Dog (0000)

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SadePromise (0000)

Saint-GermainBoulevard (0000)Tourist (0000)

Sales Majestés (les)Bienvenue (0000)Bordel in live (0000)Y'a pas d'amour (0000)

Santana3 (1971)Abraxas (1970)Caravanserai (0000)Lotus (0000)Santana (0000)

Schickert, GünterÜberfällig (1979)

Schulze, klausBlackdance (1974)Dune (0000)Irrlicht (0000)Timewind (1975)

ScientistDub in the Roots Tradition (0000)Wins The World Cup (1982)

Secrets de Morphée (les)Chuchotements (0000)

SedrennChemin faisant (0000)De l'autre Côté (0000)

SepulturaChaos AD (0000)

Servat, GillesChantez la vie, l'amour, et la mort (0000)La Blanche Hermine (0000)

Shaï No ShaïCaravan (0000)

Shadows (The)Greatest Hits (1964)

Shankar, pandit ravi (0000)Ravi Shankar (1996)Remember Shakti (0000)

Sherman, BimThe Need to Live (2002)

Sherwood, AdrianNever Trust A Hippy (0000)

Shoji, YamashiroAkira (0000)

Shubert, Franz (0000) (0000)

Sigur Ròs() (0000)gtis byrjun (0000)Von (0000)

Silencers (the)Dance to the holy man (0000)

Simon & GarfunkelGold Collection (0000)

Simon, YvesBest of (0000)Diabolo Menthe (0000)

Simone, NinaNe me quitte pas (0000)

SinsemiliaRésistance (1998)

Siouxie and the BansheesNocturne (1989)

Sixteen HorsepowerFolklore (0000)Lour Estate (0000)Sackcloth 'n' Ashes (1995)Secret South (0000)

Skunk AnansieHedonism (0000)

Sly & RobbieDrum & Bass Strip to the Bone (1998)

Sly & the RevolutionariesGun Court Dub 2 (0000)

Smiths (the)Strangeways,here we come (0000)the Queen is Dead (0000)

SmogDongs of sevotion (0000)Knock Knock (0000)Red Apple Falls (0000)Wild Love (0000)

SnakefingerA Collection (0000)

Soft MachineJet Propelled Photographs (1967)Live at Paradiso (1969)One (1968)Seven (0000)Three (1970)Two (1969)

SoundbombingSoundbombing (0000)

SpiritTime Circle (1968)

Staples, Stuart A.Leaving Songs (2006)Lucky Dog Recordings 03-04 (2005)That Leaving Feeling (2006)

SteppenwolfBest of (0000)

Stills, Young BandLong may you run (0000)

Stivell, AlanAgain (1993)Brian Boru (1995)E Langonned (1974)Harpe (0000)Harpes du Nouvel ge (1985)Journe la maison (1976)l'Olympia (1972)Live in Dublin (1975)Renaissance de la Harpe Celtique (1972)Symphonie Celtique (1979)Telenn geltiek - Harpe celtique (1961)the Mist of Avalon (1991)

Stooges (the)Fun House (1970)Live at the Wiskey Gogo (1973)Premier Album (1969)Raw Power (1973)

Sundays (the)reading, writting and arithmetic (0000)

Super, DidierVaut mieux en rire que s'en foutre (2004)

Sweet SmokeDarkness to light (1973)Just a Poke (1970)Live (1974)

SwellWell?? (0000)

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Têtes Raides (les)Fleur de Yeux (0000)

T, RexElectric Warrior (0000)

Taha, RachidDiwn (0000)

Takemitsu, ToruRan (0000)

Talking HeadsRemain In Light (1980)

Tambours de Tokyo (les) (0000)

Tan Ban Ty (0000)

Tangerine DreamAlpha Centauri (1971)Atem (1973)Electronic Meditation (1971)Encore (0000)Phaedra (1974)Ricochet (1975)Rubycon (1975)Sorcerer (0000)Stratosfear (1976)Zeit (1972)

Tarantino, QuentinJackie Brown (0000)Kill Bill Vol. 1 (0000)Kill Bill Vol. 2 (0000)Pulp Fiction (0000)

TarwaterAnimals, Suns & Atoms (0000)Silur (0000)

TayfaTayfa (0000)

Taylor, RodEthiopian King (0000)

Techno-TribeExperimental (0000)

TequilaLive (0000)

Therapy?Troublegum (0000)

Thiéfaine, Hubert-FélixSoleil cherche futur (0000)Tout Corps Vivant Branché Sur Le Secteur Étant Appelé À S'émouvoir... (1978)

Third Eye FoundationGhost (1997)I Poo Poo on your Juju (2001)Little lost soul (2000)Semtex (1998)You Guys Kill me (1998)

Tic Tac ToeKlappe die 2te (0000)

Tiersen, yannBlack Session (0000)La valse des monstres (0000)Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amlie Poulain (2001)le Phare (0000)Rue des Cascades (0000)Tout est Calme (0000)

TindersticksBathtime (0000)Bloomsbury Theatre (0000)Can our love (0000)Can we start again? (0000)Curtains (0000)Kathleen (0000)Nenette et Boni (0000)Simple pleasure (0000)The Hungry Saw (2008)The Symphonic London Session (0000)Tindersticks II (1995)Trouble Every Day (0000)Waiting for the Moon (0000)

Toots & the MaytalsFunky Kingston (0000)

Traoré, RokiaMounessa (0000)Wanita (0000)

Tri YannAn Héol a zo Glaz Le Soleil est Vert (1981)an Naoned (1972)Dix ans, Dix filles (1973)La Découverte ou l'Ignorance (1976)Suite Gallaise (1974)Urba (1978)

TudDeus Kerne (0000)

Tull, JethroMinstrel in the Gallery (0000)

TuxedomoonDesire / No Tears (0000)Half-Mute / Scream With A View (0000)Live In St. Petersburg (0000)No Tears/ What Use Remixes & Original (0000)Suite En Sous-Sol / Time To Lose / Short Stories (0000)the Ghost Sonata (0000)

TV on the RadioDesperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (0000)Young.Liars (EP) (0000)

Twilight CircusVs Dj Spooky - Riddim Clash (0000)

Twinkle Brother (the)Countrymen (1980)DJ's Selection (0000)Live At Reggae Sunsplash (1983)

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U RoyDread in Babylon (1975)Serious Matter (0000)Version of wisdom (1979)

U2Atchung Baby (1991)Boy (1980)October (1981)Rattle and Hum (1988)the Joshua Tree (1987)Unforgettable Fire (1984)War (1983)

Ulan Bator2 (0000)Ego : Echo (0000)Vgtale (0000)

Ultra Vivid SceneJoy : 1967 - 1990 (0000)

Upsetters (the)Black Board Jungle Dub (0000)Heart of the Dragon (1975)

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Van Der Graaf GeneratorH to He Who Am the Only One (1970)Pawn Hearts (1971)The Aerosol Grey Machine (1969)The Least We Can Do is Wave to Each Other (1970)

Vander, christianQuartet (0000)

VangelisBlade Runner (0000)Th Dragon (1978)

Vega, SuzanneSolitude standing (1987)

Velvet Underground (the)Live (1969)Live at Max's Kansas City (0000)Loaded (1970)the Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

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Wackies (The)Jamaica Super Dub Session (1983)

Welcome to JulianNever so Close (1993)Surfing on a T-Bone (0000)

Who (the)BBC Sessions (2000)Live (0000)Live at Reeds (0000)the Who by Numbers (0000)Thirty Years of Maximum R&B 1 (1994)Thirty Years of Maximum R&B 2 (1994)Thirty Years of Maximum R&B 3 (1994)Who's Next (0000)Who's Next Who's Best (0000)

William, JohnThe Empire Strikes Back (0000)

WindsSeasons (1971)

WingsWings Greatest (0000)

Wyatt, RobertDondestan (1991)Rock Bottom (1974)Ruth is Stranger than Richard (1975)Shleep (1997)the End of an Ear (1970)The Peel Sessions (1974)Theatre Royal Drury Lane (1974)

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XVIIe VieLlewela (0000)

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YesClose to the Edge (0000)The Yes Album (1971)

You, YabbyJesus Dread (1977)King Tubby's Prophesy of Dub (1976)

Young, ChristopherHellraiser (1987)

Young, NeilAfter the gold rush (1970)Broken Arrow (1996)Comes a time (1978)Continental Tour (2008)Dead Man (1996)Decade (1976)Harvest (1972)Harvest Moon (1992)Life (1987)Mirror Ball (1995)Neil Young (1969)Old ways (1983)Only love can break your heart (0000)Restless (0000)Rust never sleeps (1979)Silver and gold (2000)Tonights the night (1975)Trans (0000)Unplugged (1993)Weld (1991)Year of the horse (0000)Zuma (1975)

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Zappa, FrankHot Rats (0000)

Zazou, HectorChansons des mers froides (0000)

ZebdaEssence Ordinaire (1998)le Bruit et l'Odeur (0000)

ZenzileBass Culture (2005)Dub promozione (0000)Meets Cello (2004)Meets Jamika (0000)Meets Sir Jean (0000)Met Met (2006)Modus Vivendi (2005)Sachem in Salem (0000)Sound Patrol (0000)Totem (0000)

Zukie, TappaIn Dub (0000)

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